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Digital Potentiometer EMKO
Digital Potentiometer EMKO


EPM 3790  77 x 35mm DIN Size


Digital Potentiometer Control Panel For V/F Speed Controller are designed for controlling the speed and direction of the motor as a control panel for V/F Speed Controllers in industry. They can be used in many applications with their easy use and operation with their ramp properties.
- 4 Digits Display
- Easily adjustable set value from front panel
- Configurable display scale between -1999 and 9999 
- Adjustable decimal point  
- Set value low limit and set value high limit boundaries
- Adjustable ramp up and ramp down time  
- Forward, Reverse direction outputs and error input for V/F Speed Controller
- 0/2...10V  Voltage output or  0/4...20mA Current output(It must be determined in order.)  
- Password protection for programming and adjustment sections<005A><005A>
Digital Potentiometer EMKO
Digital Potentiometer EMKO
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