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EMKO Process Indicator
EMKO Process Indicator

EMKO ESM 4900 
"Smart Output Module" Process Indicator

EMKO ESM-XX00 series process indicators are designed for measuring temperature and any process value.They can be used in many applications with their universal process input, alarm functions and serial communication unit. Application fields; Glass, Plastic, Petro-Chemistry, Textile, Automative, Machine Production Industries.



- 4 (TC, RTD, mVZ , VZ , mAZ)
- Dual or Multi Point Calibration for  ZVoltage / Current Input
- Programmable Alarm Functions
- Retransmission of Process Value by Using  0/4...20 mAZ  Current Output Module
- Hardware Configuration With Output Modulesdigits Process (PV) Display
- Universal Process Input
- Smart Output Module System
- RS-232 (standard) or RS-485 (optional) Serial Communication With Modbus RTU Protocol
EMKO Process Indicator
EMKO Process Indicator

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